Pierre-Louis Amancic

Pierre Louis Amancic, Managing Partner,Founder of Havila Partners in 1998 , since 30 years in financial activities.

Pierre Louis has an huge experience of financial markets and companies corporate needs as he spent all is professional life with a goal axis starting with the bank and financial markets.

Former CEO of IFF Bourse (Axa Group) , up till March 1998, previously he was a Manager for the Equity and Derivative desk (between 1990 to 1995) in Didier Philippe-Bankers Trust.

From 1980 to 1990 he was successively with Banco di Roma, Natwest and ABC Bank.

Since the foundation of Havila Partners, he closed numerous deals in various sectors like Software and Mobile business and operators, IT, Communication and Media Businesses, Industry, Green business, Financial sector, Retailing, Food and Drinks...

Pierre Louis divides his time between Europe and Africa where he organize the partnerships and implementation of Partners Representative Offices on the continent.