Pierre Louis Amancic

« Corto », the man at the helm of the sailboat

He claims to be misanthropic (which is surprising given the thickness of his address book).

His sporting life past away now, loving with his family (in the broad sense also) he admits to find peace only in solitude, reading and cooking, and happiness by immersing himself in wild nature. Sensitized by the education of the Franciscan Brothers he has received, he confesses that a life of monk could have pleased him.

But his happiness for over 35 years is to lead the fight on behalf of corporate customers and business leaders for their goals ! Former CEO of IFF Bourse (Axa Group) , up till March 1998, previously he was a Manager for the Equity and Derivative desk (between 1990 to 1995) in Didier Philippe-Bankers Trust. From 1980 to 1990 he was successively with Banco di Roma, Natwest and ABC Bank.

Pierre Louis divides his time between Europe and Africa where we have Representative Offices. He is actually main focused on M&A and LBO’s transactions.

Since the foundation of Havila Partners in 1998 , he closed numerous deals in various sectors : Telco, SaaS, IT, Communication and Media Businesses, Industry, Energy, Green Business, Financial sector, Retailing, Food and Drinks, Agro Industry…

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+32 565 567 667

Managing Partner (UBIZ & HICO Founder) Advisory Board Member

Stephane Drai

I wanted to be a football player, failing that I did a startup … I have always been attracted by technology and convinced that innovation can lead to major societal changes. In 2001, I co-founded CertEurope, a leader in electronic signature certification, the first step towards innovative electronic payment systems that I later developed in Africa, a continent that I fell in love with!

Artificial intelligence and BlockChain will upset the African ecosystem to make it the continent of tomorrow. Mentor and jury member of WILCO, accelerator of innovative start-ups in Ile de France, my ambition as part of Havila Partners is to bring my entrepreneurial know-how to the service of start-ups with high technological potential

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+32 565 567 667

Partner (Ubiz Founder & CEO)

Tanguy Vanderlinden

Tanguy’s key words to keep in mind : entrepreneurship and tech communities

Discovering new industries & technologies, supporting entrepreneurs and finding synergies are part of Tanguy’s personality traits.

Tanguy has 15+ years of professional experience with a genuine curiosity & a sound farmer approach, his personal interests are about :

  • Healthcare (Medtech, Medical Devices, Life Science, digital health, marketplace, CDMO/CRO) with an open approach towards all stages of development.
  • Any cross-business between Europe, Africa & India. These can be tech or brick’n’ mortar related, but are usually scale-ups / SME.

He studied Applied Social Communication, Economics & Business Administration at IHECS (Brussels), VSE (Prague), ESCP Europe (Oxford), AIT (Bangkok) and keeps on learning/ experimenting on a continuous way.

Tanguy spent time in various countries for study or work (BE, TH, UK, CZ, UA, FR) & is fluent in French, English and Flemish.
Partner, Head of Hospitality Industry

Bernard Festy

Balbec, aka Marcel de Cabourg

Joining Litterature and Finance: The two areas are mutually enriching and many bankers are writing (some detective novels but not only). Why the reference to Proust? he was a night writer, a period most conducive to reflection … « 

Bernard is particularly involved in operations between Asia and Europe, particularly in the Leisure, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors. After having spent close to 20 years in Asia (Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and China) and New York as a banker (representative, commercial and merchant banker) with Societe Generale Group and in Paris with Union Financière de France as an advisor to high networth individuals, Bernard based in Brussels has 3 main objectives:

▪ To advise Famliy Offices and High Net Worth Individuals

▪ Raising funds for European and Asian companies

▪ Helping Asian firms for their investments in Europe

Email:[email protected]

Phone:+32 565 567 667